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Estudio Yazbek, founded by the late Tufic Yazbek in 1959, stands as a testament to creativity, innovation, and artistic vision. Originally constructed as a photographic studio, it has since transformed into a dynamic hub for visual storytelling and multimedia production.

This iconic studio was built by Tufic Yazbek himself in 1959. Its purpose was twofold: to create captivating portraiture and to venture into the world of advertising photography. Tufic, having honed his craft from 1940 to 1959, was well-versed in portraiture. However, the demand for advertising work prompted him to expand his repertoire.

For two decades, Tufic dedicated himself to advertising photography within these walls. His lens captured products, brands, and campaigns that left an indelible mark. Advertising agencies flocked to the studio, collaborating with both Tufic and later, his son Sergio, during the vibrant 1980s and 1990s. Mariana, his daughter, also embraced photography within these hallowed halls, focusing on editorial work during the same era.

The Yazbek Studio became a pilgrimage site for celebrities worldwide. Their portraits were immortalized by Tufic’s lens. Its reputation as a photographic landmark grew, drawing artists, models, and influencers seeking to capture their essence within its frames.

Today, Estudio Yazbek continues its legacy in partnership with ANNEX & MAAVVEN. It has evolved beyond photography, embracing film, video production, and podcast recording. The studios